Artwork Title: Games of Chance & Levels of Meaning - Artist Name: John Stephens

Games of Chance & Levels of Meaning

John Stephens

Life as a Board Game I once saw a fancy game board advertised in a magazine. It had elaborate inlays, fine wood veneers and jeweled playing pieces. It got me thinking about the endeavors that we think are so important and why, in the end, the little playing pieces that represent us may not always cross the finish line on the game board we chose for ourselves. The Rocky Mountains are dotted with ghost towns that were once filled with hopeful prospectors obsessed with playing a game of that would allow them to reach the finish line with untold riches. Most of them barely made ends meet. And I wonder if they ever really noticed their majestic surroundings. (
gamedivinemagnifying glassshovelboard gamerocky mountainspickacrylic on masonite

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