Artwork Title: Portrait of Stanley Young - Artist Name: John Steuart Curry

Portrait of Stanley Young

John Steuart Curry, 1932

"His portrait of the writer Stanley Young before a typewriter at the window of his studio is undoubtedly an adequate representation of the struggling artist, but at the same time it reveals a half humorous, half sympathetic attitude of the painter which takes serious form in his own portrait." Schmeckebier illustrates the Portrait of Stanley Young with notes on the painting: "A portrait, conceived half humorously yet with deep sincerity, of a young writer who loved to dramatize himself as a great artist. The heavy arm and clenched fist, the hand supporting the head, are well-known gestures that imply such a 'struggle.' The placement of the figure before the studio window with the hazy landscape outside, however, carries many of the same associations noted in the studio Still Life and the First Snow [2 of Curry's other paintings]." (
male portraittypewriterwindowwriterbookoil on canvas

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