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Untitled, 2014

Jon Rafman

Sourcing footage from every realm of online life and cutting it with set pieces of his own creation, Jon Rafman’s work engages with actual, virtual, and imaginary spaces and consider the ways in which the internet has altered our self-perception and understanding of the world around us. He is well known for his work 9-eyes which features bizarre, hilarious, beautiful and shocking images taken by Google’s Street View cameras. For FACT’s Science Fiction: New Death exhibition, Rafman was commissioned to produce a new limited edition print (run of 400) inspired by his new works Still Life (Beta Male) and Main Squeeze. Still Life (Beta Male) and Main Squeeze are presented in a custom-made environment, linked to the themes of obsession and desire, which run throughout Rafman’s artistic practice. The A2 print is now available from the FACT Foyer and online from our eBay store. (
Uploaded on Jun 8, 2017 by Suzan Hamer

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