Artwork Title: Candy - Artist Name: Julie BlackmonArtwork Title: Candy - Artist Name: Julie Blackmon

Candy , 2007

Julie Blackmon

Julie Blackmon is a photographer who lives and works in Missouri. Blackmon's photographs are inspired by her experience of growing up in a large family, her role as both mother and photographer, and the timelessness of family dynamics. In her series Domestic Vacations, Blackmon uses digital technologies to intensify the hue of her photographs, as well as composing elements from multiple shots into one image. The Domestic Vacations images deliberately refer to 17th century Dutch and Flemish painters, especially the family tableaux of Jan Steen. The careful formalism of the background in Blackmon's pictures is contrasted with the chaotic reality of modern family life, to produce images that balance playfulness and humor with beauty. []


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