Artwork Title: Tourists - Artist Name: Julien Talbot


Julien Talbot, 2015

In 2015, Talbot set out on a trip across the USA. It was not his first and certainly not the last. This trip focused on a certain type of landscape – the desert regions in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California. There is a sense of calm and peacefulness captured within every image, whether it displays an arid landscape with blue mountains rising in the distance, an empty crossroad in the middle of nowhere, a motel or the interior of a classic diner. The series is titled Memories of the Unknown, and it refers to the feeling of familiarity the viewer experiences while looking at the images, regardless if he or she has ever set foot inside the country. Such is the prevalence of this type of landscapes and of Americana in modern culture, that they have become universal and instantly recognizable. Talbot’s photographs, despite their almost serene atmosphere, have an immediate impact, whether they trigger a tinge of melancholy or wanderlust. []
americacolor photographroad tripusaphotography

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