Artwork Title: Portrait of Séverine - Artist Name: Louis Welden Hawkins

Portrait of Séverine

Louis Welden Hawkins, 1895

22 inch
... His Portrait of Séverine (1895) shows a popular journalist, who was then at the height of her fame. Séverine’s original name was Caroline Rémy (1855-1929), and she was a famous defender of humanitarian causes. During the First World War, she sided with anarchists and protested against the fighting. Hawkins made this frame himself. On its left are olive branches and the inscription PAX (peace), and on the right are ears of wheat and the inscription PANIS (bread). This work was shown at the Salon Nationale in 1895, where it was greatly admired. ( Given to the Musées Nationaux by its model, the journalist Severine, this painting and its frame are among the most remarkable works by Hawkins. (
female portraitframeoil on canvas

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