Artwork Title: Print Gallery - Artist Name: M.C. EscherArtwork Title: Print Gallery - Artist Name: M.C. Escher

Print Gallery, 1956

M.C. Escher

Print Gallery (Dutch: Prentententoonstelling) is a lithograph printed in 1956 by the Dutch artist M.C. Escher. It depicts a man in a gallery viewing a print of a seaport, and among the buildings in the seaport is the very gallery in which he is standing, making use of the Droste effect. The lithograph has attracted discussion in both mathematical and artistic contexts. Bruno Ernst cites M.C. Escher as stating that he began Print Gallery "from the idea that it must be possible to make an annular bulge, a cyclic expansion ... without beginning or end." Escher attempted to do this with straight lines, but intuitively switched to using curved lines which make the grid expand greatly as it rotates. idealized version of Print Gallery to contain a copy of itself (the Droste effect), rotated clockwise by about 157.63 degrees and shrunk by a factor of about 22.58.... [] See it here:


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