Artwork Title: After The Corn Poppy, by Kees van Dongen - Artist Name: Marisa S. White

After The Corn Poppy, by Kees van Dongen

Marisa S. White

...I was walking through the rooms of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, approaching my favorite painting, The Corn Poppy, by Kees van Dongen. The colors, so vivid, call out to me, still fresh after all the years. I would sit for a long time just staring at this painting. What was she thinking? Who was she looking for? Since I’ve been in a self portrait kick as of late, it only seemed natural to paint myself up, put on waaay too much black eye shadow, throw on the hat and go to town. I have to say, this was the most fun I’ve had playing in Photoshop to date. If only I could’ve painted this well back in college. With that being said, I never quite mastered painting (this is probably why my work has gone more mixed media, photographic and digital manipulation over the years) but I did love pastel drawings. Chalk. So this is my rendition of van Dongen’s masterpiece, a digital chalk drawing of my favorite painting. (
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