Artwork Title: undefined - Artist Name: Mark GrotjahnArtwork Title: undefined - Artist Name: Mark Grotjahn


Mark Grotjahn

Grotjahn's so-called Butterfly paintings and drawings combine analytical hard-edged abstraction and one-point perspective to make 2D images appear as 3D objects. This type of abstraction is the means by which the perspective system reveals itself—and vice versa. They consist of 2 distinct phenomenological and theoretical universes that neither cancel each other out, nor represent anything. With 2 means and no ends, one would expect a more ascetic, conceptual type of image, but Grotjahn’s paintings are lavishly decorative and unabashedly entertaining. This lack of anxiety about the picture plane, flatness, figuration and illusionism is the clearest sign that the modernist endgame has either ended or come full circle. ( Besides perspective, Grotjahn also explored the ideas of color restriction, seriality, and the sublime. His art style originated out of sign making.... (


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