Artwork Title: Rainy Day, Queens - Artist Name: Martin Lewis

Rainy Day, Queens

Martin Lewis, 1931

11 x 12 inch
Martin Lewis noted the location as "Skillman Ave. Queens. [] Lewis is most famous for his black and white prints, mostly of night scenes of non tourist, real life street scenes of New York City. ... "Recognized as one of the premier American printmakers of the first half of the 20th century, Martin Lewis left an indelible mark on the landscape of the art world. Lewis was an acknowledged master of the intaglio techniques of printmaking, experimenting with multiple processes including etching, aquatint, engraving and drypoint. A highly skilled printer, Lewis created magnificent impressions that captured the energy, bustle and occasional solitude of all aspects of city life in New York. With his remove o Connecticut in 1932, Lewis instigated another topic through his printmaking: country life. This firmly entrenched Lewis as a prominent America scene artist, who... []
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