Artwork Title: Portrait of a Woman (Portrait of a Young Woman) - Artist Name: Olga Boznańska

Portrait of a Woman (Portrait of a Young Woman)

Olga Boznańska, 1913

Boznańska was one of the best-known portrait painters living in Paris, the art capital of the world, at the turn of the twentieth century. Her atelier in the Montparnasse district was regularly visited by Paris’s intellectual elite, artists and art connoisseurs. She liked to portray her guests: painters, musicians like Artur Rubinstein and Frida Ellen Eissler, philosophers like Wincenty Lutosławski, or even her neighbours. What she valued the most in her models was their authenticity and naturalness. Her portraits express a full range of her creative and analytical skills. Boznańska had a keen sense of observation. “She could see in people what was hidden behind the mask of appearances. As Max Goth wrote in his article in 1913, “she does not paint eyes but expressions; not lips but a smile, a sob, a grimace or unstudied sincerity,” Renata Higerberger, the exhibition’s co-curator, tells []
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