Artwork Title: Portrait of Paul Nauen - Artist Name: Olga Boznańska

Portrait of Paul Nauen

Olga Boznańska, 1893

48 x 36 inch
A painting of young Boznańska, who was then 30 years old, was first purchased by the National Museum in Krakow in 1896. It was the Portrait of Paul Nauen [Pawła Nauena]. [] Olga Boznańska (1865–1940) is one of the most unique and appreciated Polish artists in the world. Her works represent Polish art in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. This is how Olga Boznańska spoke about her works: “My paintings look great because they are the truth, they are fair, yours, there is no narrow-mindness, no mannerism and no bluff”. [] Paul Nauen [Pawła Nauena] (born December 6, 1859 in Hamburg, died 1932) was a German painter. In the National Museum in Krakow hangs a portrait of Paul Nauen painted by Olga Boznańska in 1893 and a portrait of Olga Boznańska painted by Paul Nauen in the same year. [Apparently he later destroyed this painting.] [Google translation of text at] Two medals - a small gold in Vienna and a large silver in Lviv - and growing fame brought her a portrait of Paweł Nauen, a painter known then in Munich, whose role in Olga's life remains unclear to this day. When some time later one of the biographers wrote that Nauen was her teacher - she denied it abruptly. However, their acquaintance had to be quite close, because this pair of young artists portrayed each other - Nauen destroyed the portrait of Olga after 21 showings, claiming that it was not close enough to the model, yet thanks to the preserved photograph we can state that the image was beautiful and loyal. [The black and white photograph of that painting is too small to be uploaded to this site, but can be seen at] [Google translation of text at]
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