Artwork Title: Self Portrait - Artist Name: Oscar Bluemner

Self Portrait

Oscar Bluemner, 1933

In 1935, he was severely injured in an auto accident, and never resumed painting. His eyesight failing and in deep depression, he committed suicide 3 years later. [] FORTY-ONE YEARS AGO, as a fledgling reporter on The Washington Daily News, I wrote an obituary of Oscar Bluemner whom, in youthful flamboyance, I called "The Man Who Saw Red." It was not much more than a brief account of an unsuccessful painter's suicide. The shortfall in that and in a few other obscure death notices written at the time was matched by a general indifference to him and his paintings during the last agony-filled years of his life. Not until more than 4 decades after his death has justice been done him. An exhibition of 58 of his landscapes opened in mid-November... []
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