Artwork Title: Hugo Erfurth with his Dog Ajax

Hugo Erfurth with his Dog Ajax, 1926

Otto Dix

In Dresden, Dix and Erfurth established a close relationship based on artistic interchange, and Dix executed various portraits of Erfurth, his wife and even his dog. In turn, Erfurth immortalized Dix on numerous occasions and in different dress, together with his wife Martha, their children and parents. ( ( Erfurth was 15 years his senior and an established photographer when the pair met. Initial intimidation may have affected Dix's treatment of his subject. His early Erfurth portraits lack his characteristic tendency to accentuate the subject's worst traits. By 1926, Dix appears to possess the confidence to give Erfurth the full treatment. The photographer's rotund face, slumped shoulders and failing eyesight are featured prominently in this painting. (
31 x 39 in
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