Artwork Title: Kawaguchiko no Fujisan. Aka Fuji - Artist Name: Paul Binnie

Kawaguchiko no Fujisan. Aka Fuji

Paul Binnie

"I am delighted that my new woodblock print, 'Aka Fuji' or 'Red Fuji', is nearing completion, and will be released during November 2002. This print, whose title is 'Kawaguchiko no Fujisan. Aka Fuji', is very much in the Shin Hanga style of the landscape artists of the inter-war years, such as Yoshida and Hasui, whose work I admire enormously. I have taken inspiration from the c.1830-32 Hokusai print, 'South Wind, Clear Dawn', (popularily known as Aka Fuji), one of his famous '36 Views of Mount Fuji', but have interpreted the idea in a purely contemporary, realist way, rather like my earlier landscape woodblocks. " "However this print is much more technically demanding than most of my previous landscapes, and uses 22 colors, as well as mica and embossing (blind-printing or gauffrage) to create a sense of the atmosphere of the first rays of the morning sun striking the mountain-side." (
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