Artwork Title: Gerüst  (Scaffold) - Artist Name: Philipp Hennevogl

Gerüst (Scaffold)

Philipp Hennevogl, 2008

A nearly infinite network of intersecting lines, crossbars, and interstices spans the black-and-white graphic image. In the foreground—almost insulting in its reduced simplicity of form—is a solitary streetlamp. The title of this 2008 work by Philipp Hennevogl is Gerüst (Scaffold), and like many of his works it is a linocut. It is nearly impossible to believe that somebody would take the effort to reproduce such complexity—whose aesthetic impact is undisputed—with the painstaking technique of linocut, instead of capturing it in a photographic blink of an eye. But in so doing, Hennevogl does his subject justice in an entirely practical manner reflecting the time and energy required to erect this scaffolding with its multitude of crossbars. And he does so abstractly—the multilayered, mutually penetrating structures can, after all, be seen as a representation of time as it plays out in space. []
black whitelinocutstreet lightprintscaffolding

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