Artwork Title: Geinrust Farm in Marshy Landscape

Geinrust Farm in Marshy Landscape, 1906

Piet Mondrian

An early landscape watercolor by Mondriaan influenced by the Hague School. Light and atmosphere occupy center stage. Only later in his career would Mondriaan start to paint abstract pieces. The watercolor shows the river Gein, south east of Amsterdam. There is a farmhouse next to the river, while in front of it we see a line of trees and a marshy field. The farmhouse is at the center. The shape of the group of trees and the swampy field create and ellipse, which appears to encircle the farmhouse. In this we can see an indication of Mondriaan’s future abstract work. This horizontal ellipse reappears in his later paintings and in an increasingly abstract form. []
19 x 27 in
Uploaded on Mar 12, 2016 by Suzan Hamer

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