Artwork Title: It's Just Me

It's Just Me, 2010

Rachel Berman

Who was she? In 1998, the artist known as Susan King discovered her true birth records and was delighted to be reborn as Rachel Berman. Over the years, she lost some vital body parts to surgery, was reduced to a skeleton, and came and went from Victoria, “ … certainly the place for me like none other could have been, to surrender the miseries of my mind, retrieve the innocence of my heart, relish the amazements of a solitude empty of any loneliness, and revel in my dishevelment.” Her motto was “still travelling,” and between times she always returned here. “In the last year and half more my soul was shrivelled down to the size of a pea,” she wrote in 2006, “and now, having returned to Victoria to live in the certitude of unbounded safety and peace, I seem to be taking on the aspect of an early Victorian underling, pilgrim of an exacting belief on an errand of faith, sort of an imbecile gravity... (
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