Artwork Title: Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Rachel Berman

...Rachel Berman’s paintings were exhibited at North Park, Fran Willis and Winchester Galleries — old, new and Modern — and in Toronto by the Ingram Gallery. But her artistry made its most intimate impact on those to whom she delivered — usually by bicycle, in the early hours of morning — envelopes stuffed with drawings, philosophy, calligraphy, rambling love letters and apt poetry that would burst open in a shower of rose petals on the breakfast table. “I thought I’d write one more note,” she began a letter to me some time ago, “certainly not the last. Ah! How can I explain my life? Should I? Save by beginning on a story there is no time to finish and might have no end. It involved so many ways of feeling that to others is inexplicable, a rigmarole of incomprehensible motives, misguided folly, perhaps simply hopeless reachings after what from the beginning was already lost, all the confused and... (
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