Artwork Title: A Somewhat Patriotic Still Life - Artist Name: Raimonds Staprans

A Somewhat Patriotic Still Life

Raimonds Staprans, 2010

Simplicity is also certainly central to Raimonds Staprans’ compositions, which are still lifes set in uncluttered domestic environments, at least on the face of it. The lines that divide objects, planes and shadows contain the energy here, reading like some metaphysical force underlying the whole thing, just bursting to get out..... While his subjects are still lifes and landscapes, Staprans has the ability to infuse human qualities into otherwise inanimate objects. “A Somewhat Patriotic Still Life” depicts an empty glass jug and rectangular metal can with a nozzle. Once again grouped together at the far left end of the canvas, the bright light and concrete suggest the objects may be outside on a sidewalk. There is a distinctly somber tone in that the objects are vessels which contain nothing. Staprans is able to evoke a great sadness in his objects, which express a longing for and a rumination of the past, despite the beautiful light which embraces them.
still lifeoil on canvas

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