Artwork Title: L’assassin menacé (The Menaced Assassin) - Artist Name: René Magritte

L’assassin menacé (The Menaced Assassin)

René Magritte, 1927

59 x 77 inch
...This work, along with The Secret Player, were the two largest paintings Magritte had completed to date, leading some scholars to speculate that they are pendants. The subject is a crime scene: a female corpse with blood around the mouth lies on a red chaise lounge in a room while a man listens to a phonograph. Two bowler-hatted men, one with a cudgel and the other with a net, flank the doorway to the room while three men appear outside a window and peer over a balcony railing.... [] Magritte had a hankering for crime, and he even had a favorite (fictional) murderer. Almost a century before Michael C. Hall became Dexter, Fantômas was the original pop culture serial killer who was a star in both print and on the big screen. Magritte adapted a scene from the 1913 Fantômas flick... []
chairchaise longuecorpsehattablegrammophonecrime sceneoil on canvas

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