Artwork Title: Scenes From a Movie IV: Softly - Artist Name: Reuben Negron

Scenes From a Movie IV: Softly

Reuben Negron, 2009

This painting was long in coming. Last April I was asked by two very good friends of mine to create an original painting for them. I agreed under three conditions: 1) That they be included in the painting, 2) that I get to use their incredible apartment as the backdrop for the painting, and 3) that I get to include them in a series I has started years ago called Scenes From a Movie. They were delighted and eagerly had me over for an afternoon of beer and photos. This painting would have been ages ago, but last summer's freelance-onslaught kept pushing my completion date back and back and back. Finally, this past week, I put the last touches on this image. I feel it's by far, technically speaking, one of my best paintings to date. (
doginteriorwatercolor and gouacheon cold-press paper

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