Artwork Title: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, 1967

Richard Avedon

Artwork Title: Paul McCartneyArtwork Title: Paul McCartney
In January 1965, US photographer Richard Avedon met The Beatles at the Ad Lib club in London. He was in town researching an assignment for the magazine Harper's Bazaar. At a photographic studio in a penthouse in Thompson House, 200 Gray's Inn Road, London, Avedon shot a portrait photo of Ringo, wearing a laurel wreath, looking like a Roman emperor. The photograph was first published in the Daily Mail newspaper on 12 May 1965, under the headline "Hail, Ringo". The American photographer took a number of shots of the group in the August 1967 session, four of which were later adorned with psychedelic effects. They were first published in the 9 January 1968 edition of the US magazine Look, and were subsequently sold as posters. They were published simultaneously by Stern Magazine in Germany, Daily Express in England, Varagids in Holland and Look Magazine in the USA. It has recently become known that there was Japanese printing as well, but we don't have much information of those. The Varagids prints are the smallest, measuring 18.5" x 26.77" (47 cm x 68 cm). The Stern and Daily Express versions measure 19 x 27" (47,7cm x 68,7cm), the Look versions are slightly larger, at 22.5" x 31" (57.15 cm x 78.74 cm). In the USA, you could order your set for $1.50 from a pullout tab in the magazine, and wait for them to be delivered by mail. The posters were also available from newsstands, wrapped in plastic, and displayed in a special presentation stand. The "Mount Rushmore" banner was the same size in all countries, 40" x 14" (101 cm x 37 cm). ( These posters of The Beatles were created by American fashion and portrait photographer Richard Avedon (1923 - 2004). The applied graphics were done by British designer Richard Weigand; after a long career in publishing in New York, Richard Weigand is now Art Director of The New York Times. (
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