Artwork Title: Ocean Park #122 - Artist Name: Richard Diebenkorn
Diebenkorn's Ocean Park series of paintings has been described as a set of frameworks suspending panels of attenuated color. In one of the paintings of this series, Ocean Park #54, a panel in marine blue is suspended from a post-and-lintel frame in tan, blue, and green, accented with blocks of violet and dark blue. The framing device is like a portal. Most of the paintings in the series have a similar vertical orientation that was inspired in part by Henri Matisse's 1914 painting French Window at Collioure, which consists of 3 vertical strips framing a dark interior. The most notable feature of the Ocean Park paintings, aside from their architecture, is their unfinished appearance. Diebenkorn's style of composition was to make it up as he went along, amending and correcting as needed, coming to a full stop when he was satisfied with the.... ( See also:
oil and charcoal on canvas

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