Artwork Title: Original Pin-Up art - Artist Name: Robert CrumbArtwork Title: Original Pin-Up art - Artist Name: Robert Crumb

Original Pin-Up art , 1995

Robert Crumb

From Art & Beauty Magazine #1, published by Fantagraphics, 1996. ( "Why R. Crumb’s Provocative Drawings of Women Are an Antidote to Beauty Stereotypes" Artsy Editorial, By Charlotte Jansen, Apr 18th, 2016 Robert Crumb is obsessed with women. At the age of 72, the artist (who goes by the pen name R. Crumb), continues to draw them prolifically and passionately, and with the same provocative appeal as at the start of his career as a cartoonist in the 1960s. Crumb’s portrayals of women in 2016 are still deeply divisive, but they also interact in an intriguing new way with the current discourse on beauty.... In the two decades that have passed since Crumb started "Art & Beauty", the canons of female beauty have diversified, but now perhaps more than ever, our society is obsessed with policing, controlling, defining, and subduing women’s bodies. This... (


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