Artwork Title: Park Dogs & Air Raid - Artist Name: Rose Wylie

Park Dogs & Air Raid

Rose Wylie, 2017

Park Dogs & Air Raid (2017), one of a new set made anticipating the show, teleports the present- day Sackler Gallery to the Blitz, which Wylie witnessed. When detail matters, troweled-on paint is induced to cooperate. Propellers, swastikas, spurts of gunfire, and the squiggle of Zaha Hadid’s restaurant canopy all have to meet the paint halfway, but fare amazingly well—perfectly clear, although gooier than might be advisable. A yellow duck waddles along a marvelous border; commemorating the studio skirting board, it is a free, rhythmic passage of painting. Chance blobs and stains are noted in a panorama of dabs and twitches, by way of miniaturized Joan Mitchell. As Claude Monet responded when asked what a lick of improvised color meant, c’est la peinture. Kensington Gardens today can be a bleak schlep—glum panino huts and gilet-clad boors teasing the swans. But Wylie has the resources to thrash out another locally prompted scene, whose ... []

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