Artwork Title: Persistence Of Memory - Artist Name: Salvador Dalí

Persistence Of Memory

Salvador Dalí, 1931

The landscape of The Persistence of Memory is oddly flaccid compared to Salvador Dali’s own rather vertically inclined moustache! The idea for this painting drooped its way into the artist’s mind while he was looking at a plate of soft Camembert cheese melting in the sun, hence the iconic melting clocks which Dali soon became known for. But infamous timepieces aside…what the hell does this weird-ass painting mean?? It’s the kind of dream-inspired landscape that makes you question how much of it is a dream and how much is reality. Those Surrealists always liked to play tricks with your mind, and this technique of painting called trompe l’oeil is one classic way to confound the viewer. But this still doesn’t explain what it means! To figure out this painting it’s important to know Dali’s process as well. He worked in a method he created, called the “paranoiac-critical method,” and yes, there’s definitely... Saher Sohail []

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