Artwork Title: Sabbath Afternoon

Sabbath Afternoon, 1894

Samuel Hirszenberg

That the life of Samuel Hirszenberg came to an end just when his art began to take a decisive turn was a fateful loss. Hirszenberg came from Lodz. He studied in Cracow and Munich in the '80's, suffering great privation, and then lived in his hometown for 17 years, where he painted a large number of pictures with Jewish content. On the whole his portrayals are pretty sentimental, as for instance the pictures “Jeshiba”; “A little piece of politics” and “Sabbath Afternoon”. These themes, recited in a leisurely narrative tone, are followed by several with an over-emphasized dramatic display: “The Jewish Cemetery” and “The Eternal Jew”. After that, he acquired a more even style that found ultimate expression in the great monumental painting Galuth. Also called They Wander, it is composed of many figures, and not unjustly has won universal fame. With all its... []
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