Artwork Title: Self Portrait with Fried Eggs - Artist Name: Sarah Lucas

Self Portrait with Fried Eggs

Sarah Lucas, 1996

Sarah Lucas’s portrayals of men and women are imbued with an irreverent sense of humour and vernacular language that challenge sexual stereotypes and conventional morals. In Self Portrait with Fried Eggs, she adopts a provocative, macho pose. The fried eggs on her breasts are a parody of the usual connotations associated with female (and male) sexual attributes. In Self-portrait with Skull, Lucas’s pose seems to equate sex with death, in this way revealing dark urges not only related to passion but also to self-destruction. In Got a Salmon On #3, she is pictured in front of a public toilet. The slang connotations of the title and huge salmon over her shoulder are an ironic reference to the concept of female erection. (

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