Artwork Title: Dark Matter - Artist Name: Sarah Webb

Dark Matter

Sarah Webb, 2015

Unseen Forces at Work - Karma The universe is held together by Dark Matter: matter we cannot see, but can perceive effects of its existence in space. This phenomenon operates at such a drastically different pace than our own that we do not perceive anything to be happening at all. Dark Matter symbolizes external forces at work that shape our realities. One’s personal reality is formed by the individual’s perceptions of events, and is not determined by universal cosmic rules. When an external force collides with one’s life, the impact felt cannot always be explained, nor can the source of the collision always be identified. These forces are sometimes called Luck, or Karma: “of being in the right place at the right time.” Some describe the experience as spiritual intervention: divine beings, spirits, or mythical entities existing in a dimension parallel to ours and affecting our world with their energy. When Dark Matter appears in a reading, unseen forces are at work and people are subject to their whims. It is a good time to take things as they come and adopt a cooperative attitude with whatever manifests. Reversed, one may feel spooked or terrorized by the twists of fate. Most anxiety will be caused by a lack of control, and will not be caused by the events themselves.
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