Artwork Title: Catsquatch - Artist Name: Shyama GoldenArtwork Title: Catsquatch - Artist Name: Shyama Golden


Shyama Golden

48 x 72 in
Catsquatch is an illustrated book for ages 12+ I'm working on. The artwork will be created on the iPad in my usual style and I would like to design it as well. [] ...The book project started when Paul drew a friend for Sasquatch that was a giant, hairy cat—the first prototype of “Catsquatch.” It gave me this very clear idea of how I would envision a catsquatch, not as one large cat, but made entirely out of many, real cats. That’s basically how the idea came about. We came up with a story about runaway cats who believe that life is better outdoors, free of human imprisonment. The cats band together into a singular creature that eventually becomes Godzilla-sized and terrorizes entire cities. The Army, Navy, and “RASA” all try to take it down before it destroys civilization. Most of the book’s pages will be detailed oil paintings, which helps me kill two birds with one catsquatch: I’ve always... []


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