Artwork Title: Chute 18 (Fall 18) - Artist Name: Sophie Rambert

Chute 18 (Fall 18)

Sophie Rambert

39 x 54 inch
Fall Series Taken between exteriority and interiority, the body presents itself in a nakedness both raw and withdrawn, worked by desire. Body desiring and knowing itself desired, offered and taken in a gaze that does not appear anywhere, a look confused with the image itself, a look whose absence calls a spectator. As an invitation not to look at the image of a body, but a naked and blind body knowing itself seen. Oxymoron, stretched out in its very abandonment, at once familiar and strange. Body that slips, twists, body in suspense, as if caught in its fall.
bodyfemale artisthairhandsheadspinedrawingblack stone on paperpierre noire sur papier

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