Artwork Title: A Summer Night - Artist Name: Stanley Cursiter

A Summer Night

Stanley Cursiter, 1923

A Summer Night depicts the elegant drawing room of 11 Royal Circus in Edinburgh where Cursiter and his wife Phyllis lived during the 1920s. Phyllis Edna Cursiter was a talented musician and her piano can be seen in the background of the present picture, a sophisticated study of lamplight reflecting from the highly-polished surface of a table and white painted woodwork. The young model is lit from below by the soft light and turns to smile at the spectator as she moves forward with the handle of a little silver-bowl of bon-bons dangling from her finger-tip. Her bobbed hair-style is very a-la-mode and her lace and taffeta dress is a beautiful display of drapery painting. The model was Poppy Low, Cursiter's favourite sitter, who first appears in Cursiter's work in 1921. (
eveningfiguresinteriorlightoil on canvas

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