Artwork Title: Slam Dunk - Artist Name: Susanna Coffey

Slam Dunk

Susanna Coffey, 2011

Susanna Coffey is a truly gifted painter and a repellent artist. I love her paint-her hand-but can not stand looking at her work. She has no subject matter that extends beyond her own narcissism. The focal point of every canvas is her own head, relentlessly fixed to the central axis. And an unpleasant head it is: brash, assertive in its sourness, a little crude. So much knowledge about the character and behavior of paint, such a keen eye for color, exquisite tonal control, surfaces to die for-all of it adding up to... to what? It is the Cindy Sherman script done up in oils. Smart-ass exhibitionism for the uptown trade. Susanna Coffey lit from below. Susanna Coffey lit from behind. Susanna Coffey in drag of one kind or another. Susanna Coffey in a baseball cap turned backwards. Susanna Coffey in the same cap straight up. Susanna Coffey in a bathing cap, maybe. Susanna Coffey in eyegear with sparkles. Without sparkles. Susanna... (
bathing capfemale artistgogglesself portrait

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