Artwork Title: Dr. Strangelove - Artist Name: Tomi Ungerer

Dr. Strangelove

Tomi Ungerer, 1964

DB: with producing around three to four books a year, how are you able to come up with new ideas for books and illustrations? TU: I have kind of trained myself in a way to come up with ideas. I was never cluttered with education, high school or university degrees or anything like that. I could always study anything I wanted. all I needed was self-discipline which I am very good at. I am basically very curious. I have always said that curiosity should be triggered. once you are curious, you collect knowledge. the moment that you start to compare this knowledge, you start to develop your imagination. This is completely lacking nowadays. we are completely controlled by systems and I am basically against this because I have no computer or anything like that. I think it is an infringement on my freedom. (

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