Artwork Title: The models for  - Artist Name: Unknown

The models for

Unknown, 1942

As the painting became more and more famous, his sister was embarrassed to be seen as the wife of someone twice her age, so she began telling people the painting portrayed a man and his daughter, a reading that Grant Wood confirmed. [] I stumbled across a scan of the models for Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” online and have no idea where it came from.... The caption reads: "On show with the late Grant Wood’s American Gothic, one of the most famed U.S. paintings of its generation, went the models who posed for it, Nan Wood Graham, the painter’s sister, wife of an oil-station operator, and Dr. B. H. McKeeby, a dentist. Occasion was the first showing of the picture in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where Wood painted it twelve years ago." As the painting was done in 1930, “twelve years ago” would put this article and picture in 1942. “Oil-station operator"? []

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