Artwork Title: From Refsnæs

From Refsnæs, 1900

Vilhelm Hammershøi

It is unclear whether Hammershøi named more than one painting "From Refsnæs" or if some of his paintings are incorrectly titled online. I've found two different paintings with the same title "From Refsnæs." [See] Painted in 1900 and pared down almost to abstraction, From Refsnæs bears witness to Hammershøi's on-going - and lesser known - fascination for landscape painting. By now installed at Strandgade 30, the Copenhagen apartment that was the subject of his most famous interiors, Hammershøi nevertheless took time to engage with the great outdoors. The subject of the present work is the peninsula of Refsnæs (or Røsnæs), part of the remote north western promontory of Zealand which was within easy reach of the capital. The strata of sky, dune, and prairie border on the abstract, putting Hammershøi ahead of his time. As in his interiors, Hammershøi creates a hermetically sealed world, denying the viewer almost every frame of reference to the wider world beyond a tantalizing glimpse of the sea on the far left. The present work relates to a version of the same subject titled Landskap, 1900, measuring 58 by 71cm. []
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