Artwork Title: Ploughed Fields ('The Furrows')

Ploughed Fields ('The Furrows'), 1888

Vincent van Gogh

Artwork Title: Ploughed Fields ('The Furrows')Artwork Title: Ploughed Fields ('The Furrows')
Arles, September 1888. Van Gogh applied the paint thickly here, in all directions, to depict the overturned clods of earth. He was fairly satisfied with this landscape. In a letter to his brother, he wrote that Theo would like it too, because it was 'calmer than some other canvases'. He hoped that this quality would attract a buyer. But the painting was never sold. Van Gogh wanted to hang it in the Yellow House in Arles, which had become his new home a week earlier. He ordered a frame made of white deal, a light wood that he chose to match the colors in the painting. (
29 x 36 in
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