Artwork Title: The Reaper after Millet - Artist Name: Vincent van Gogh

The Reaper after Millet

Vincent van Gogh, 1889

Van Gogh’s Le Moissonneur (d’après Millet) was painted in 1889, the same year that he left Arles and admitted himself into an asylum. [] Le Moissonneur (d’après Millet) is one of 10 paintings that Van Gogh made after a series of drawings by Jean-François Millet entitled Les Travaux des Champs (1852).... The work of Millet became a major focus for Van Gogh during this period, following the gift of a set of engravings of Millet’s Les Travaux des Champs by Jacques-Adrien Lavielle from his brother Theo van Gogh the same year. Le Moissonneur (d’après Millet), employs the composition of Millet but is filled with Van Gogh’s own dramatic and intense use of color. With his back to the viewer, bent over as he works the fields, the male figure is illuminated against the deep blue sky and golden yellow fields. []
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