Artwork Title: Mark Twain - Artist Name: Walter Westley Russell

Mark Twain

Walter Westley Russell

Mark Twain Bust Russell describes the beginning of his lifelong friendship with Mark Twain in his Home Study Course (p. 221) as follows: "As a young illustrator, I was asked to illustrate a story called 'Ten Little Pigs'. After completing my drawings, I was not satisfied with them. They did not excel. I spent a week in the country studying pigs and did them all over again. More love went into them. I worked with God's hands in mine instead of with mine alone. They excelled. The love I gave them was reflected in Mark Twain, who regave it to me. Work done worthily brought Mark Twain into my life. He consulted with me regarding 'The Jumping Frog of Callaveras County'." ( (

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