Artwork Title: Dorothy Norman from Behind

Dorothy Norman from Behind

Alfred Stieglitz

...In the art world, Mrs. Norman was best known for her close relationship with the photographer Alfred Stieglitz, whom she met in 1927 when she wandered into his art gallery, the Intimate Gallery on Park Avenue. Stieglitz became her lover and mentor, encouraging her longtime interest in taking photographs. Mrs. Norman became the subject of many of his photographs and a crucial force in his third and final gallery, An American Place, which he opened in 1932 with her encouragement and money she raised from family and friends. [] ....Even though Alfred thought nothing of cheating on his wife, he flew into a fury whenever he suspected that she might be unfaithful. The balance of their relationship was changing, however, as Stieglitz was increasingly financially dependent on his wife's flourishing artistic career. He was determined to improve his marriage. Stieglitz still saw much of Dorothy, who had given birth to a second child. He photographed Dorothy Norman for the first time in 1930, when she was 25 years old. Alfred bought Dorothy a camera, and told her that he loved her. Each saw the relationship as a supplement to their marriage, and sought nothing more from one another. A friend wrote to Alfred that talking to Dorothy was like "talking to a mirror in which one didn't see oneself but someone else. She presents no problem, no burden or personality to be dealt with. One can be with her and at the same time alone with oneself." ...In the days that followed Stieglitz's small funeral, Georgia called up Dorothy Norman. She told Dorothy to clear all her stuff from the gallery, commenting that she found Dorothy's relationship with her husband "absolutely disgusting." After Alfred's death, Georgia O'Keeffe lived forty more years. []
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