Artwork Title: Male Partial Nude

Male Partial Nude, 1885

Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz

Artwork Title: Male Partial NudeArtwork Title: Male Partial Nude
Her most well-known paintings, such as Lady with Binoculars or Portrait of a Young Woman with a Rose - Portrait of Mlle R., are marked by an exquisite elegance, an unpretentious womanly charm and a discrete restraint in the psychological characterizations. Both display a fine precision of drawing, a clear definition of form, a sophistication of the color scheme, employing subtly differentiated tones and varied value intensities. The two paintings present a clear mastery of depicting the textures of fabrics and a perfection of the painting. They also fall within the realist style thanks to the natural ease of composition and above all the artist’s ability to grasp the specific state of mind and the psychological mood of the models, who are portrayed simply, without any idealization. Her male nudes and partial nudes of that same period were also very well received, characterized by a similar sensibility for texture, color and form. []
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