Artwork Title: Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 1892

Anna Bilińska-Bohdanowicz

The two self portraits of the artist are very personal and sincere in their straightforwardness and at the same time almost ascetic in a purely painting sense.... Self Portrait (1887) [and] Self Portrait (1892), which was unfinished, commissioned by Ignacy Korwin-Milewski for the gallery of self portraits of Polish painters.... the natural ease of the pose, a modesty of the attire, the attributes of the painter’s profession held in the hands and finally the open, bold look on the author’s face, which conveys firmness and strength of character - clearly express the artist's intention to present herself as an artist, who knows her worth, and as a woman, who has freed herself from the restrictions of the the era's conventions. [] ... left unfinished by her death, are the pieces she left behind that most clearly hint at her individual genius, and the skill... []
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