Artwork Title: Un Coin D'appartement (A Corner of the Apartment)

Un Coin D'appartement (A Corner of the Apartment), 1875

Claude Monet

From 1871, when he returned from England, until 1878, Monet lived in the commune of Argenteuil near Paris. During this period he often featured his wife Camille in his paintings, with their eldest son Jean, born in 1867. He is pictured here, inside the second house that Monet lived in in Argenteuil, with a figure, probably Camille, in shadow in the background. The foreground here consists of a symmetrical décor: hangings with colored motifs, green plants, and decorative vases, seen in other paintings by Monet. This composition gives the impression of a curtain opening on to a stage. The viewer's eye is drawn towards the back of the room, towards the illuminated area near the window. In the very centre of the picture, the herringbone pattern of the parquet reinforces the the symmetry... []
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