Artwork Title: Approaching Shadow - Artist Name: Fan Ho

Approaching Shadow

Fan Ho, 1954/2012

30 x 20 inch
"Approaching Shadow" (Chinese: 陰影) was one of Ho's most famous works. He asked a cousin to pose by a wall at Queen's College in Causeway Bay and added a diagonal shadow in the darkroom to symbolize that "her youth will fade away" since "everyone has the same destiny". A print of "Approaching Shadow" sold for a record HK$375,000 in 2015. [] In 2010, Fan Ho revisited negatives from the Hong Kong era that were never printed. By physically holding two negatives up to the light, Fan Ho would play with composition. Once he created something that pleased him he would place the sandwiched negatives on the scanner and digitize them together. []
black and whitegeometriclinearwomandiagonalshadowswallblack and white photographphotographyarchival pigment photographcontemporary

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