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For 9 years, Fred Tomaselli has been turning the front page of The NY Times into art. He scans the front pages, prints them onto watercolor paper, and alters the image, leaving the surrounding graphics in place.... The works reflect the passing of time, while also showing how the information presented to readers is often banal. Tomaselli says, “I’m a news junkie... I love watching the history of the world unfold on a daily basis. I repurpose these cultural bits, which have been authored by others, into new artifacts.... Like the news itself, [these collages] present a ‘now’ as it immediately slips into the past.” One of the earliest works on display is August 31, 2005, an appropriation of the front-page photograph of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Tomaselli used the water line of the submerged city, transforming the photo into a toxically beautiful abstraction. “I love New Orleans, and I had a particular emotional ...(
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