Artwork Title: Egg and Cauliflower Still Life

Egg and Cauliflower Still Life, 1926

George Washington Lambert

In Egg and Cauliflower Lambert was concerned with the artful arrangement of forms and colors. He advised his assistant, E.A. Harvey, to follow the well-established tradition and paint still lifes for more than a year in order to gather the technical skill necessary to ‘realize design, scale of parts, color pattern, and above all unity’. He encouraged students to study the forms of eggs, cauliflowers and pumpkins, and suggested that the study of these objects would assist them in simplifying the design of nature. He maintained: There should be no dividing wall set up between the scientific method of modelling an orange, a box or the head of the Venus de Milo. Lambert painted this rather artificial arrangement of objects with uncompromising realism. But he also explored the modernist concerns of simplicity, pattern and design, and the use of bold color (blue with orange and green, and a range of whites). It was... []
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