Artwork Title: Drawing V

Drawing V, 1959

Georgia O'Keeffe

The teacher Arthur Wesley Dow introduced O’Keeffe to the arts and cultures of Japan and China, and she became a lifelong student of Eastern traditions. She visited American museums with major Asian collections and built an impressive private library that included books on Asian art, calligraphy, gardens, tea and poetry. After Stieglitz died, she traveled to many new places, including Japan, China, and India. She visited gardens, temples, and museums, finding reinforcement for the central idea by which she lived: everything in one’s environment should be beautiful and unified in a style of simplicity and understatement.... O’Keeffe credited Dow with giving her a one-sentence theory of art by which to paint and live: she sought to “fill space in a beautiful way.” She applied this idea to her drawings and paintings but also to the ways she dressed and furnished her homes. This charcoal drawing harked back to her earliest abstractions and belongs to a series of paintings of riverbeds seen from the air. (
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