Artwork Title: The Red Rider - Artist Name: Isaac Israëls

The Red Rider

Isaac Israëls, 1928

Dutch title: Ruiter met de rode jas (Rider with a Red Jacket). At least one site gives the title as Heerrijder. " my personal regret, neither in De Kunsthal nor in Kröller-Muller “The Red Rider” could be found. Nobody could tell me anything about this painting. Then I made inquiries at the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Documentation Center for Art History) in The Hague. There I had some luck. The expert for 19th century Dutch painters was a man called Leeuwenburgh. He told me an amaz- ing story: his grandfather J.P. Leeuwenburgh IS “The Red Rider!” J.P. Leeuwenburgh had asked Israels in 1928 to paint him on his horse, Tristan. But he was, according to his grandson, not at all satisfied with the result and refused to accept the painting. Israels then sent it to the Olympic art competition and won the first prize. It is most remarkable that a painting refused by the principal for lack of quality consequently got the Olympic gold medal. The grandson did not know where “The Red Rider” is at the moment. [Spring 2001] It must be in a private collection." (
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