Artwork Title: Self Portrait with Medusa - Artist Name: Jacek MalczewskiArtwork Title: Self Portrait with Medusa - Artist Name: Jacek Malczewski

Self Portrait with Medusa , 1910

Jacek Malczewski

Jacek Malczewski, depicting his self-portrait with Medusa's head cut off in the background, apparently wants to show how he understands his artistic mission: his images are to infect Medusa, or even kill him. He as an artist is conjugated to the powerful power that forms part of his own identity and manifests itself through him. It is visible in the picture how Medusa took possession of the painter, wrapping it around with his hands. And her head, leaning out of his head, is supposed to act like Athens's egida. Just look her in the eye to feel it. It is instructive to compare the eyes of Medusa and the eyes of Jacek Malczewski. The artist concentrates in his eyes, his eyes narrowed, and Medusa's wide open eyes lead the deadly bullets to this direction. (Google translation of


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